About me and my blog

Hi!  I'm Nicole, a 26 year old special education teacher living in NYC.  I have never exercised regularly for more than a couple months at a time, until this August.  I'm getting married this October and suddenly felt like my wedding provided a perfect timestamp for a long term goal.  Since August 2011, I have fit 2-3 workouts in a week, and have become head over heels for different kinds of exercise.  However, I get bored super easily and have decided to try lots of different classes to get myself into shape.
I started this blog after reading blogs by other young women about their experiences exercising.  I felt like I had something to say, as someone who hated exercise until a few months ago and was now embarking on this journey.  I also feel like this blog keeps me inspired to do new things.  I am excited to share my experience with anyone who is willing to listen, and looking forward to getting some helpful feedback from others :)
I hope you enjoy my story as it unfolds! 

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