Wednesday, May 2, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, I found Sweat Pink on another bloggers website.  I researched it a little bit and decided to email the founders of FitApproach and try to become a Sweat Pink Ambassador.
Well guess what!
I am one.  Which means, I get some cool stuff.  I just received my first swag package a couple of days ago  with lots of pink shoelaces and my own Sweat Pink teeshirt.  Which I will be wearing for my very first 5K.
I will be giving away 5 pairs of bright pink shoelaces!  Leave a comment on my blog and tell me one of your fitness goals or something that motivates you by midnight on May 6.  I will randomly choose 5 winners (as everyone's goals are valid - I'm not choosing favorites!) and will mail those 5 brand new shoelaces!

Looking forward to hearing your responses!

My wonderful running shoes with pink shoelaces


  1. I'm motivated by 2 things: the prospect of eliciting attention from your fiancee and the training montage from Rocky IV.

    My fitness goals include:

    beating dolph lundgren in speed chess
    winning best in show at westminster
    and i guess, if i have to be serious, running a marathon.

    1. As a yoga instructor in NYC I don't quite understand your blog. You know nothing about the topic, yet you write "pros" and "cons" on the random classes you attend. You also write a great deal of minutia about prices, lobbies, and bathroom lines? I find your blog unhelpful and frankly unmotivating to others. Stick to what you know.

    2. Hi anonymous, I appreciate your honesty and I am sorry to hear that you do not understand my blog.
      To address some of your concerns, I find the first impression of a studio to be important and that these details can make or break an experience. I agree, I am not an expert, and I do not know if these classes are exercising the right muscles, but I can tell you if I felt like I got something out of the work out, if I felt comfortable and motivated by the instructor, and if I enjoyed the class overall. In terms of the pricing information, I am a teacher, I do not make much money and I live in a very expensive city. My life is about having fun, doing something active and trying not to spend too much money while I'm at it. Quite honestly, I feel that I am sticking to what I know; my life and my experiences.
      I appreciate your feedback, and if you have suggestions for how to improve my blog to make it more accessible to you, I am open to them. I think it is helpful to provide suggestions and examples when you give criticism; how else are people expected to grow and learn?

  2. Nicole - You and your blog motivates me! My fitness goals include but are not limited to: getting big guns, finishing the 5k, and finally making fitness part of my routine. If I get the shoelaces, I would wear them for your very first 5k!!

    1. Madaboutsafran - thanks for your support! I love your goal of making fitness part of your routine. It's tougher than most people thing when it hasn't been for so long.

  3. Love your blog Nicole and your latest giveaway ;) !!! Sooooo happy to have you as a #SweatPink ambassador.

  4. Hi,
    I just started reading your blog because I am personally looking for motivators to help me on my journey.
    My goal to accomplish in the next year is to run/walk a 10K next summer. There are a lot of other goals listed out on my blog, feel free to stop by and read/subscribe.

  5. Hi Nicole. The blog is super! I've been getting back into running recently and am also training for a 5k. How crazy! A few things have been motivating me to stick with it:

    The high I get from completing a challenging run, knowing that I've done good for my body and that I can now better justify having a couple of beers with dinner.

    Keeping track of every run in an excel spreadsheet lets me follow and understand the progress I'm making.

    I experienced I think my first running injury about a week ago, a quad strain, and now I'm motivated to come back stronger, so I've been really focusing on warming up properly, stretching, and using restraint when running, which I'm not used to...

    Kenyans who run 26 miles at a 5 min pace.

    Beating all those pug-loving south bostonians at the 5k. Based on the results from last year, this might be the only 5k I have a shot of placing in, so that would be cool.

    Again, cool blog. I want those pink shoelaces!

  6. PINK, I love pink! A couple fitness goal I have are to complete 1.5 miles in 10 min. and 30 sec, 40 push ups in one minute, and 60 sit ups in one minute, and 5 pull ups by the end of basic training in July!

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