Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Tip for all New Yorkers looking for free exercise: Like all Lululemon and Athleta stores in NYC.  They post free events frequently as status updates.

Which is how I found the Sunday Salutations class through Lululemon.  Lululemon Lincoln Square does a Sunday Yoga class in their store every Sunday at 9:15am.  Except for the month of June... they are doing their free class at the Nalini Method studio.  For those of you who stalk me, you'll know that I've wanted to try a class at Nalini Method (it's on the list of classes I want to take), but their drop-in price is not aligned with my "exercise for cheap" policy.
So I was PUMPED to discover this free class at a place I've wanted to try!
I woke up at 7:45 on Sunday morning (yes, I got up at 7:45 on Sunday morning.  That in itself deserves a pat on the back... I'm not a late sleeper, but 7:45 is still quite early.)   I took a very challenging 90 minute hot yoga class at NY yoga on Saturday, so I was looking forward to a relaxing non-heated 60 minute yoga class.
I did not do my research correctly.
I was right; Nalini Method does not have traditional yoga classes.  The Sunday morning class was a Yogalini class, which their website describes as:
YOGALINI Our brand new signature class which is the ultimate marriage of Nalini Method and Yoga. Picture a yoga mat with ankle weights! Get into a Vinyasa flow and center your body with this challenging class.
Ankle weights!  That is not what I was picturing for 9:15 on a  Sunday morning!
OK, fine, after collecting my needed materials for class, I resolved that this was no walk in the park yoga class and I'm getting something even better than what I expected!  I'm taking an actual Nalini Method class.
The class was pretty good.  It was a lot of repetitions with lighter weights and incorporating yoga and pilates poses into weight training.  It was definitely exhausting and I had to take some of the bars out of the ankle/wrist weights a couple of times because my arms felt like jelly.  Overall, the actual class was not that much different than the barre classes I've taken.
However, the instructor, Rupa, who is also the founder of the Nalini Method, was fantastic.  One thing I really liked was that they have white boards along the walls and she personally introduces herself to everyone and then writes their name on the wall so she can provide personal feedback.  I thought it was amazing.  Normally, I wonder if instructors are just talking vaguely when they provide praise, but I felt like she was direct and specific to people.  That made me a lot more confident in my movements.  I also liked when she gave me corrective feedback.  She was direct, easy going and thorough.  She didn't need to be hands on because her directions of what to fix were detailed without being confusing.  I knew that I was doing something incorrectly and then I knew exactly how to fix it.
Honestly, the format of the class was not that stand-out compared to Core Fusion, Figure Four, the Bar Method etc, but Rupa was a star of an instructor.

The class: I'm nearest to the door with the white floral tank top and black capris
Picture from the Nalini Facebook page

1) Rupa was great
2) Free!
3) Overall a good work out

1) Not free other than these 4 Sundays in June
2) A unique concept, but still felt familiar.
3) I was not mentally prepared for a weight training class - I didn't even bring water with me because I thought it was an easy yoga class!

I would definitely do this class again!  If the Nalini method was cheaper, I would love to try out other classes at the studio.  I'll have to keep an eye out for other great events like this one from Lululemon!

Have you ever had an insrtuctor you really liked?  What free events do you like to go to?

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  1. That's cool -- thanks for the tips on free classes! Sounds like a great way to try out something that you normally wouldn't.