Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fitness goals

I guess if I’m going to track progress towards a goal, I should set a goal.  As a special education teacher, that’s pretty much my job anyways... set goals for my students, then track if they meet those goals.  If they aren’t on track to meet goals, we try different tactics to reach those goals.

Goal 1: Be able to make it home from work in under an hour (by running! I can already do it by subway!)  Right now, it takes me about 1:10, but I tend to hit lights.  When it gets lighter out, I’ll run along the river, which should help decrease my time.

Goal 2: Enroll in and run some kind of running race.  This goal will be refined as I figure it out.  I think enrolling in a race is a big enough goal for me right now, as the idea of doing so is pretty daunting!

Goal 3: Get more definition in my arm muscles.  More specifically... I’d like to be able to flex my left arm (I wish I could say I was kidding)

Goal 4: Get more definition in my abs.  I have a relatively flat stomach, but I would loooove having some abs. Also, I think that if my core were stronger, I would have better posture and be more comfortable.

That’s it for my goals, for now.  If I meet them, I’ll add more.  I haven’t set a timeline for these, but my wedding is in October, so that’s the absolute deadline!

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