Monday, February 27, 2012

Yoga to the People

2 big things today... used my inhaler for the first time (how cool am I??) and I went to Yoga to the People for some cheap, stress-relieving hot yoga.

First: the inhaler... well, I don’t think I used it right, I don’t think it helped, and now I have a terrible taste in my mouth... however I had a really great yoga session so maybe it did help and I just don’t realize it?

Second: Yoga to the People. I went to the studio on 38th and 6th. The entrance is very hard to find, especially because their website directs you to the orange nails sign, but that sign is actually black now. So I showed up at 5:55 for the 6:00 yoga class and was given the 2nd to last spot. At the very front of the class. Facing perpendicular to everyone else. So everyone can see... that’s right... ME!

The class was really good. It was slow, but the instructor gave opportunities for you to move throughout a “flow” at your own pace, which I actually really liked. I felt like I was able to breathe at my own pace and with my own movements, rather than sneak a breath in between while everyone else is still figuring out what they are doing. I was upset however, that there was no balance series. The balance poses are my favorite in yoga and the most relaxing for me. I always look forward to that part of class, so I was bummed that we didn’t do that today. However, all in all, the class was really good. I don’t know if the inhaler helped or if being the person everyone else could see pushed me, but I felt like I made some nice yoga progress and was able to do more than I’ve been able to in a long time.

Would I go back again? Sure! The class was good and what makes it is even better was the price: $5! (it’s an extra $2 if you need to rent a mat)

All in all, a great day for exercise. Up tomorrow, testing out the inhaler with a run. We’ll see how that goes...

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