Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's been a while...

So I haven't written anything because it was a CRAZY week and I didn't get to go to any new exercise classes.  Which made me feel like I didn't have much to say.
I made a google calendar specifically for exercising to keep track of what I'm doing and also to provide myself with some accountability.  I have been awful about actually following the calendar, BUT this past week has shown me that the calendar does make me feel more accountable to exercising.
Sooo this past week I was supposed to do the following:
Monday: Run + weights at NYSC
Wednesday: Run + Total Body Conditioning at NYSC
Friday: Community Class at Soul Cycle

What I actually did this week:
Tuesday: Bike + weights at NYSC
Friday: Run + weights at NYSC
Saturday: Hot Vinyasa at Yoga to the People

I think if my calendar didn't already have 3 things on it, I wouldn't have exercised on Friday and Saturday.  Honestly... it seems really small and silly, but I guess if I say I'm going to do something, I have to make up for it if it doesn't happen.  But why didn't I work out when I said I was going to?
Work this week was absolutely crazy - my hours are 8:30-4:30, but I typically work 8:00-5:00ish, but this past week, I stayed until past 7:00 on Monday and Thursday.  It was just one of those weeks. Then on Wednesday, my mom and her best friend (my 2nd mother) came into the city for dinner to show me the mock-ups of mine and Cameron' wedding invitations.
Oh, and I exercised on Friday, but not the community class at soul cycle BECAUSE IT FILLS UP BEFORE YOU CAN EVER SIGN UP!!  Cameron and I have tried twice now to get into the Community Class at Soul Cycle, and it's been full as soon as you're able to sign up. I don't think we're meant to take this class at Soul Cycle.  We're going to try again in a couple of weeks.
Since I made the agreement that I would take a spin class if Cameron took yoga, this week was the week I brought him to a Hot Vinyasa yoga class so he can see what I actually do!
We went to Yoga to the People and what I noticed was that there were times where the instructor would tells us to move into a certain pose, and I'd want to add tips and hints to tell Cameron because she wasn't mentioning the best way to move into that pose or how your leg should be, or ways you can make it easier or harder based on your skill.  I don't know if its Yoga to the People's no-judgement attitude, or if the class was not targeted towards beginners, but I felt like that was really lacking.  How can you improve/do it correctly if you're not taught the right way??
At any rate, Cameron enjoyed this class more than the "Hot traditional yoga" (i.e. Bikram) class we took.  I also felt relaxed and invigorated.  I find Hot Vinyasa to be incredibly relaxing and focusing for me.  While in the class, I stop thinking about everything else and really focus on yoga and each individual pose.  After the class, and the immense amounts of sweating, I feel detoxified and fresh.  It was the perfect ending to a very long week.

What relaxes you? Are you able to follow a set schedule for exercising, or anything else? 

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