Monday, April 2, 2012

Re-energize myself!!

This past week was kind of a discouraging week for me.  I went to the gym on Monday and then on Thursday I ran home from work.  I did cut 2 minutes off my previous time, getting that 5.5 mile run down to... an hour and eight minutes. Yes, it is still that long.  I am running more though, but I think when I walk, I walk even slower.  So I walked probably about a mile total (which for me, is really amazing), but that mile really adds on at least 10 minutes, if not more!! Anyway, I was proud of myself on Thursday for this accomplishment because it was a good run and I can actually see progress.
However, I was pissed off because I am supposed to be taking a different class every week, and that has been tougher than I realized.  I signed up for a 3 day trial at Equinox, and they are supposed to contact me, but they haven't yet.  I was hoping to have done that this past weekend.  The same thing happened a couple of weeks ago when I tried to sign up for a Kettlebell Kickboxing class.  They take so long to get back to me that I've missed that workout in my schedule and it is hard for me to get back to it.
OK, fine, so one of my friends emails me this Urban Girl Squad link to a boot camp + seminar on how to eat right when exercising.  SAVED!  Equinox fell through, so now I have this boot camp thing to try out!!
Well.  It rained and the boot camp was cancelled.
Bummer.  Very discouraging... how can I take new classes when they make it so difficult???
Fortunately, my friend found a community class at New York Yoga instead, so we went to that instead.  So it was a pretty good recovery all in all - I've taken so many Hot Yoga classes, that I didn't really learn anything new, but I absolutely love going to new Yoga studios, so that was a nice adventure for me.  I'll review the class in a separate post.
All in all, I felt kind of frustrated because I didn't realize this goal was going to be so hard to do.  I knew the exercise part was hard, but I wasn't anticipating having to coordinate things so delicately and so far in advance.  So I was left kind of frustrated and cranky.

So to turn my frown upside down... I am officially signing up for my first 5K tonight!
It is the PRoNE 5K which benefits pugs in New England.  The course is seen in this map below.
it is a cool course through Castle Island in Boston on June 2nd.  I'm very excited to do my first 5K in Boston and with some of my best friends from college.  Also, afterwards, we're going to the American Craft Beer Festival, which we went to a few years ago when we lived there.  It's going to be a great weekend and I'm counting down the days.  Giving myself something to work towards and also something to look forward to really motivates me and gets me off my lazy butt!

What motivates you?  What event are you looking forward to? 

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