Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Amazing Race

Yesterday, I really did not feel like going for a run.  Our apartment was cold, it was even colder outside, and I just wanted to stay curled up in my bed watching crappy TV.  We have a friend who is visiting this weekend, and he needed to go to J & R to get his fiancee a converter cable so she can defend her doctoral thesis on Monday (good luck!  You'll do great!!)
Obviously, I wasn't going to stay in bed for the entire day with a friend visiting, so we decided to race to J & R and see who gets there first.  I would run and he would take the subway.
My route -1.85 miles through NYC

Subway directions - total travel time = 16 minutes

If it's a 1.85 mile run and I run a mile in approximately 10 minutes, I should get there within 18 minutes.  So this race should be close!  We headed out and went our separate ways.  I felt pretty determined to win.
The run started out really nice. Hudson Street is really nice to run on - there aren't a ton of people or a ton of cars but there is still movement and its very pretty.  When I got to Canal Street... I probably lost about 2 minutes.  Note to self (and to others): Never run near the entrance to the Holland Tunnel.  To cross the street and turn east, I had to first cross to the west, then cross south, then cross back east across two separate lights and then finally go south again.  It was a mess.  Then, I stumbled into the Tribeca Film Festival where there were 4-5 tour buses and lots of people.  After that, for a little bit, it was a very nice run through SoHo. I actually ran within a block of the Kettlebell Kickboxing studio.  Once I hit the financial district, it was all tourists, which means people who stop, look at maps, take pictures of random things and turn around abruptly.
I got to J & R in 21 minutes... so not a 10 minute mile, but I wonder how I would have done if I didn't have those obstacles (i.e. planned my route better!) The plus side is that if I was moving, I was running... I just had to stop at lights or would get stuck behind slow groups of people occasionally.
Do you think I won???  Unfortunately, no. My friend got there about 8-10 minutes before I did.  Apparently, he just walked right on a train at the subway station, the actual train ride was only 5 minutes, and the subway stop was a stone's throw from J & R.  I think Google maps map have overestimated the total travel time a little bit.
It's really nice to run through the city even if I get frustrated that my times are not as good.  It makes me feel like I'm getting to know my city better and really enjoying it.  I love running along the river, but I also really love running past new stores or restaurants and just being IN the city.  Also, I run more because I have to stop at lights, so I want to make up time by running.

In other fitness-related news, one of my friends sent me a link to a new website called Go Recess. Go Recess is a website that allows you to make reservations for exercise classes at boutique studios anywhere.  I looked around at the NYC classes and have found a ton of new places to try classes out.  They even separate it into several categories: yoga, cardio, pilates and barre, strength, boot camp, dance, pre/post natal, martial arts.  It's a really user friendly website and makes things a lot easier for people like me who are looking for lots of variety.  I'm excited and hope its successful!

Where do you like to run?  How do you get motivated to run?  


  1. I love to run the trails! The best way for me to get motivated is to get my butt out the door. If I'm really having a hard time, I'll give myself a goal or even better find a running buddy!

    Good for you on getting out there in the COLD! ;)

    1. I usually prefer running on my own b/c I end up feeling like I'm competing with the other person, but next weekend I'm trying a run club for the first time - Urban Girl Squad through Athleta! I'll be sure to post how it is :)

  2. Have you ever tried Kettlebell Kickboxing?

  3. Replies
    1. I don't think I get it... Did you really ask that or was it a joke? :)

  4. I didn't read your previous entry before I asked. How's the 5k training going? Is Camron running too? What kind of shoes do you run in?

    1. Got it! The 5K training is going ok. I ran 33 min last time I did the Irish Potato Famine Memorial 5K, so I increased time. I haven't run a lot recently because every time I get to the gym, there are no treadmills.
      I run in Brooks - I bought them like 3-4 months ago because my old Sauconys (from college) were giving me foot problems. The Brooks are pretty awesome!

  5. This is almost like that episode of How I Met Your Mother!
    I was rooting for you!

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