Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kettlebell Kickboxing

Finally got into that Kettlebell Kickboxing class I mentioned a couple weeks back (see this post).
Went down to Soho, which was pretty cool because I don't go to Soho much, other than for shopping, and this wasn't in the shopping part, so it was cool to be in a different part of the city.
The building is a little difficult to find - its nestled between a shoe store and some other random store and there are no signs that indicate it's in that building.  But go in, it's there.
The entry way is very nice.  You walk in and there are chairs and magazine and lots of inspirational photos and quotes.  It had very nice hardwood floors and looked very clean.  I checked in and filled out the obligatory paperwork.
The locker room was TINY and the bathroom is through the studio.  While I was in the locker room, I met another girl who has taken many kettlebell kickboxing classes so she gave me lots of information.  And then we go into the room to go to the bathroom, and it turns out she's taken a class to become a certified Kettlebell Kickboxing instructor!  Crazy, I chatted up the A+++ student in the class.  Score.
We went in and she set me up with a 12lb and a 15lb kettlebell.  Then when the class started, she led the warmups.  Overachiever!  No, but seriously, she was super nice and very supportive and helpful.  It was nice to have someone watching my back and checking on me during the class.
The class was really good.  We did a lot of different movements and the instructor (who owns the studio by the way) didn't get stuck on any one exercise for a long time.  She kept it interesting and was up front about how long we'd do each movement for etc.  She also gave me a little extra attention as it was my first class and worked with me through some things that are difficult for me.  So for instance, I'm naturally very uncoordinated and cannot follow multiple directions, so she would do the movements directly in front of me so I could see exactly what she was doing.  She was very encouraging and specific with her corrections.  Also, referring back to my post about the Yoga instructor from Crunch, she did not need to be hands on because her verbal directions or models were clear when I needed the extra support.
There were times where I was confused.  Like I said before, I don't follow multiple directions well, so when we have to do 10 swings then 1 high squat then 1 low squat then a jab with the left then a jab with the right then a left kick, then jump three times... I get a little confused.  My A+++ classmate told me after that it gets easier because the instructor always does the same basic movements, but she'll combine them in different ways, so its really only 7-8 different units to learn.
The workout was great.  The 12lb kettlebells might have been too heavy for me for when I was only using 1 hand, but I did the best I could.  Cardiowise, my heartrate was up, but it wasn't like the Crunch Bosu class where I ran out of steam in 15 minutes because we did non-stop cardio.  I felt like there was a solid balance of aerobic activity and weightlifting with some stability and balance work in there too.  My quads and glutes are already sore and I'm pretty sure the rest of my body is going to feel it tomorrow too.

1) Instructor (owner!) was fantastic  - thorough, motivating, provided support/broke instructions down as needed
2) The workout was nicely balanced and was difficult but not impossible
3) I really liked getting to know someone else there and loved how friendly people were

1) There were a lot of people in the room, so I had to crane my neck for some demonstrations, which is why I was lost sometimes
2) I was confused by long lists of directions, but I think that might get easier the more you get used to the class.
3) There are no single class options for purchasing - it's all membership based.  I'd like to take more classes, but not as frequently as a membership.

I would 110% go back to Kettlebell Kickboxing.  Especially if my classmate was teaching classes. They have an open house this weekend that everyone should check out.  I really enjoyed the class - the more I think about it, the more I felt I got out of the class and the more I liked it.

Have you taken a class that exceeded your expectations? Have you tried Kettlebell Kickboxing, or maybe just Kettlebells, or just Kickboxing?


  1. That sounds intense and totally fun! I love kettleballs but have never done kettleball kickboxing.. ;)

    1. It was really fun Jamie - I highly recommend it! Check out their website because they do have videos too :)

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